John Wright III

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John Wright III

Title/Occupation: Architectural Designer, Poet, Vice-President and Cofounder of The Children's Writer's Guild, Editor at CWG Online <>, and Curator at

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, Edison State College/University of Georgia

Born: 31 January 1947, Suffern, Rockland County, New York, USA
Died: Living,

Mother: Gretchen Myrtle Farwell
Father: John Wright, Jr.

Siblings: David Chester Wright, Gregory Allen Wright

Spouse: Sheila Darlene Benton

Issue: Joshua Benton Wright, Matthew Emerson Wright, Gretchen Kimberly Wright, Jessica Margaret Wright

John Wright III
John Wright III »

This page created in 2015 for my husband "Jack" with abiding love and admiration. Sheila ❤

Nickname: "Jack"


Jack's design work has appeared in many magazines and publications. A few examples are offered:


Jack Through the Years

Jack with Family and Friends

Link to Jack's Poetry Website