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Welcome to FamilyLore!

FamilyLore is a Wiki-based genealogy site that functions much like Wikipedia. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the site:

Finding your way around

  • Just like on Wikipedia, you can enter a name (or a phrase) into the “Search” box to retrieve a list of pages on which it appears. If you type a name that precisely matches our name for a person profiled on FamilyLore, that person’s “Profile Page” will be the first search result.
  • Would you like to see all of the members of a particular family? Check the left sidebar: “Other Families” links to a page with every surname on FamilyLore–click a family name to see its members! You should find a similar surname link at the bottom of every person’s profile page, too.
  • Names on a Profile page often link to another person’s page (a quick way to explore close relations!). A live link has blue text. Red text appears on links that don’t have a corresponding page (yet). But, NOTE: links to surname category pages (see above) are still functional even if their text is red–the system dynamically generates these pages when a user clicks on a surname link.
  • When available, we have chosen to include middle names for our cataloging system.
  • Females are catalogued in our system under their “maiden” names.


  • The sidebar offers other interesting options available such as “Family Recipes,” and “Family Relics.” Additional specialty pages are planned.
  • “Origins of” relates our background and purpose for existing.
  • Our “main page” art banner changes daily to reflect a sense of history, as does our “Person of the Day” profile and “Did you know?” surname feature. We hope this information will encourage family members to take a serious interest in those who came before them, impart a lifelong interest in preserving the site, and cultivate an overall appreciation of the humanities.
  • Lineage charts of direct descent from historically important persons are provided under the four main family “seed” surnames (Benton, Mims, Wright, Farwell).
  • Some of the documentation that we have accumulated in our research cannot be viewed at, but will appear under “Recommended Resources on in the near future.
  • We invite all readers to peruse our pages and to share their observations with us at our contact email address. It is our desire to provide the most accurate information available.
  • While we include information from Wikipedia on many of our well-known ancestors, we provide this information only as a starting point. Further research into the lives of historic figures should always include multiple scholarly sources. Our brief profile offerings are meant only to provide basic background information and to encourage further interest.
  • Please feel free to share your thoughts on how we can improve the site. FamilyLore is made better by your participation and contributions. We would enjoy hearing from you!